Marco Di Piazza

Artist: Painter, Sculptor

Year: 1961


Born in Rome in 1961, Marco Di Piazza trained in Tuscany, between San Gimignano and Florence. He currently operates between Italy and Germany, where he has been living in Bonn since 2003.

Since its origins and to this day, the focus of his research is the human figure or more often, groups of human figures almost always in movement, together with maternities, couples, or some rare solitary figures.

Marco Di Piazza’s works, be they drawings, paintings or sculptures, the human figure is reduced to its essential lines. Over the years, the artist progressively frees the sign, making it increasingly sparse and dry, and conquers a dimension of lightness, where the voids prevail over the fullness, and the human figure is free to vibrate, becoming pure movement itself.
During his artistic career, without ever abandoning drawing, Marco Di Piazza explores the material, first stone and bronze, then iron and steel, progressively emptying it of its “weight”, to arrive at a dimension of lightness which is today an essential feature of his art making.